We are MARTIN & KAREN, Czech-Taiwanese photographers' couple who SPECIALIZE IN TRAVEL, LIFESTYLE AND ADVENTURE PHOTOGRAPHY AND VIDEOGRAPHY FROM TAIWAN. SINCE 2009 we have invested hundreds of hours and days of our lives to discover, explore and document the most beautiful corners of our home country. Not only do we travel around Taiwan for fun and joy, but also to let the beauty of Taiwan be seen to the outside world.
Taiwan is genuinely beautiful. We have traveled all around the world, seen breathtaking sceneries, met a myriad of different people, but never had we encountered such a unique charm like Taiwan.
As for now, we have a huge catalogue of more than 40,000 photos from every possible corner of Taiwan as well as its offshore islands. Our photographs have been featured in various magazines, guidebooks, press advertising, TV CHANNELS and used by several travel agencies to promote tourism in Taiwan.
We love to capture photographs of daily life. From huge modern cities to tiny mountain settlements where life may resemble past times. We also love high mountain areas, lush green forests as well as the beautiful rugged coastline of our small island. In the last 2 years we have been focusing a lot on aerial photography and videography which allows our audience to see Taiwan from a completely different perspective and which is still a rather uncommon type of photography.
In addition to being photographers, we run a travel agency introducing European travelers to the beauty of Taiwan and other Asian countries.  
Feel free to visit our galleries! If you're looking for a quality travel photographer or need to schedule a photo shoot anywhere in Taiwan (or beyond), let's discuss how, we can help you.
You can contact us at martin@hajek.tw, by phone at +886-988-554044 or via the Contact Us link above.
您可以通過 martin@hajek.tw 聯繫我們,或者致電 +886-988-554044、透過上方的聯繫我們連結。
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